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From the desk of Ben Gay III
… A special note to Andrew Zirkin and

Dear Andrew,

In my 40 plus years as a professional salesman and sales trainer to some of the best sales & marketing people and organizations around the world, I have never experienced a more dynamic shift in the way companies are doing business than in the last few years.

The incredible growth of the Internet as a sales and marketing powerhouse is indisputable. The web is now a major component of almost every business in virtually every industry. In today’s complex marketplace, a strong in-person sales force is only half of the sales solution.

I will be the first to admit I really didn’t understand how incredible the Internet could be for my and my clients’ businesses. Next, as many people do, I felt having a web site was the answer, that prospective customers would miraculously find me! Not so.

I soon discovered that, without an effective action resource to generate search results, even the best designed and most informative website is like a beautifully designed store in the middle of a huge wilderness . . . without roads.

Andrew, what you and BrandSEO revealed to me is becoming the best known “secret” of Internet marketing: Search Engine Optimization. The most successful companies on the web are the businesses that use SEO wizardry to boost their sites to the top of search engine results. Plain and simple. With your help, I have had a sales increase of over 100% in my website book sales, CD sales and speaking/seminar bookings.

From this point forward, when I am asked for advice on what is the most important step a company can take for maximizing Internet based revenue, I will say, “If your marketing budget can only handle one thing this year, don’t bother wasting time or money on costly advertising like directional ads in the yellow pages or branding ads in magazines. Stop searching for miracles. Pick up the phone and get started with Andrew Zirkin and BrandSEO today.”

No words can effectively convey my level of complete satisfaction with your service, so I will simply say “thank you” with a promise to help spread the word.

All the best to you and!
Ben Gay III


“I had the most wonderful experience when dealing with Andrew Zirkin.  He was super nice to me on the phone and answered all of my questions to my level of satisfaction. I still talk with him on occasion when I call and he is always nice.

After working with Andrew Zirkin, let me tell you, he is very good at what he does. I ask lots of questions and he always has all the right answers. He is friendly and courteous in every conversation. He remembers things that are important to me and brings them up in our conversations (vacation, kids, and other business). Andrew makes me feel very confident that he knows what he is doing and that he can deliver on his services. I am looking forward to using your company’s services again for a few more of my companies. I am also referring you to all my business friends all over the country. I happen to have a large network of young “30 something” friends who own their own business. I have just been your client for a few months and I feel I have known you guys for several years. I really appreciate everything
you do for me and my company.”

Wayne Williams


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work and diligence on our accounts. You are through, helpful, professional and always a pleasure to deal with. I know how much you research things in order to increase you knowledge and improve your abilities, and that is so essential in what you do. The difference in your knowledge from when we first started working together until now is awesome. I can see that you’ve really applied yourself to becoming the best at what you do.

Because of you, I feel confident selling search engine optimization services to our clients, and we’re even going to start implementing a marketing campaign to do this more aggressively.

I’ve worked with Andrew and can vouch for his singular drive toward perfection in the realm of search engine optimization. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, and it shows in the quality of his work.”

Christianna Connell


“I would like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful service we received from Andrew. During the “content” phase of our site marketing, we had many questions. Andrew never failed to answer them fully, or respond quickly. I found him extremely knowledgeable and patient with our lack of it. 
Too often we experience the negatives with companies, so we wanted you to know of the many positive things Bill and I enjoyed with yours. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.”

King McCarthy
Bill Bassett
Romantic Adventures


“Andrew is a knowledgeable and dynamic person. I have had the pleasure of referring numerous clients to Andrew over the past several years. Every person has used his expertise to improve their business exposure on the internet. He is a pleasure to know and work with he is a PRO.”

Ed Badrak
Client Retention Senior Manager
Send Out Cards


“Andrew at Brand SEO was very professional and knowledgeable and produced results very quickly. My business site was up top right away!”

Claire Stanley
Billboard Advertising


“Working with Andrew is an excellent experience. His knowledge and expertise regarding SEO and high page ranking is second to none. I highly recommend Andrew for your next SEO job.”

Mick Moore


“Far more than simply Yet Another SEO Guy, Andrew takes as much time required upfront to educate and help one to understand the entire scope of what they are really taking on and the best options to make it work. His experience is obvious when he speaks, and he’s so highly entertaining to talk to that he actually makes the process fun. Coming from a strong personal growth background, Andrew has a very deep caring for people that comes through in everything he does. It’s a real blessing to have someone like him in the SEO world, which is often corrupted by people who just care about themselves and how much money they make. You’d be very lucky to work with Andrew…IF he’s willing to take you on as a client.”

Sunni Sukumar

“Andrew is a true SEO expert! It is always a true pleasure to work with Andrew and his team. They are pleasant to work with, on time, and reliable. It is a pleasure to recommend Andrew and his team to any company or corporation in need of SEO Services. Thank you Andrew and Brand SEO!

Juliana Gulitz


“Andrew has a remarkable marketing mind and his business is exceptional in ensuring your website is at the top of the search engine lists whether its helping you refine your search terms or providing ideas on web content. Andrew is not only a brand internet marketing guru but a great business partner! He will stretch you in directions you never knew your mind could go – he sees no barriers only ways around them.”

Diane Dennis
Managing Director
IFG Project


“Andrew is a great guy to work with. He takes the lead and gets things done. Very intelligent, personable and polite, plus he really knows his profession well. As a fellow marketing colleague, I highly recommend Andrew Zirkin and his company.”

Daniel Sweet


“Simply, Andrew has integrity. If you hire him you’ll be reaping the riches of life – meaningful experiences with an authentic, honest person. He’s the guru at what he does, you’ll love the level of his services and you’ll love Andrew.”

Greg Mooers


“Andrew walks the talk when it comes to SEO. He gets involved in the client’s needs to deliver the results the client wants. He has a team that like him take care of the details to help the client move forward in every phase of the project. I highly recommend Andrew for SEO services. It is those of us who are taking action who will get the rest moving toward generating new business.”

Alex Phillips

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Christopher Howard – Creates cutting edge proprietary technologies for massive growth. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on psychology of wealth and accelerated personal achievement. With his knowledge, Chris has created a multi-million dollar company worldwide. He has researched the success strategies of some of the greatest leaders of all time in the areas of business, spirituality and philanthropy: from Branson and Buffet to Gandhi. What differentiates his work is the long lasting effects and massive results his students achieve. He is relentless in his mission to eliminate poverty and to empower people to their full potential from Fortune 500 to individuals.

Jim Rohn - The grandfather of personal development. One of the originators of the whole personal development field. He’s inspired great leaders like Tony Robbins and others. His website is

Ben Gay III – Sales Training master responsible for the “Closers 1 and 2.”

DC Cordova: Excellerated Program – Notable students are Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, and many of the speakers from “The Secret.”

Dr. Richard M. Krawczyk – Author of the bestselling book “Financial Aerobics,” as well as the Instructor for the Million Dollar Business Credit Bootcamp.

Ram Das – Famous spiritualist Author of “Be Here Now.”

Tara Perry – Acupuncturist and TV personality – Clients include T Harv Eker, Florence Henderson, David Ducovney (X-Files)

SunTechnics Energy Systems, Inc. – One of the largest and fastest growing solar companies in the world as written up in Fast Company Magazine.

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